MDCS configuration file for MATLAB

To be able to use MATLAB in parallel (using MDCS) on the DTU HPC clusters, you need to download the correct cluster configuration file and import it into MATLAB.

  • Right click on the following link, and choose the “Save file as” option DTUcluster.settings
  • Move this file to the $HOME directory of your HPC account

Instead, you can also issue the following shell command when logged in to the HPC systems (e.g. via ThinLinc or SSH):


Then, in a ThinLinc session

  • Open a MATLAB GUI session, e.g. from the menu, under ‘DTU’ -> ‘Mathematics’ -> ‘Matlab’
  • In the HOME pane, click on “Parallel -> Manage Cluster Profiles…”
  • Click on “Import”, and select the file DTUcluster.settings file you have downloaded earlier
  • If you want to be sure that everything is working, click on “Validate”. All icons must turn to green!

Now you are ready to use the HPC cluster with the following standard settings:

  • Name: DTUcluster
  • Used queue: hpc
  • Number of workers: up to 32

Please adapt the profile, if you have different needs, e.g. you want/have to use a different queue, or want to increase the number of workers.

Note: DTU has only a shared license for 256 workers, so please be sensible in your usage of the MDCS.  Up to 20 workers, the ‘local’ profile can be used as well, and does not use any of the MDCS licenses!