Live reconfiguration

You can use live reconfiguration to make configuration changes in LSF active memory that take effect immediately. Live reconfiguration requests use the bconf command, and generate updated configuration files in the directory set by LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR in lsf.conf. By default, LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR is set to $LSB_SHAREDIR/cluster_name/live_confdir. This directory is created automatically during LSF installation but remains empty until live reconfiguration requests write working configuration files into it later.

Live configuration changes made using the bconf command are recorded in the history file liveconf.hist located under $LSB_SHAREDIR/cluster_name/logdir, and can be queried using the bconf hist command. Not all configuration changes are supported by bconf and substantial configuration changes made using bconf might affect system performance for a few seconds.

When files exist in the directory set by LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR, all LSF restart and reconfig commands read the files in this directory instead of configuration files in LSF_CONFDIR. Merge the configuration files that are generated by bconf into LSF_CONFDIR regularly to avoid confusion. Alternatively, if you want bconf changes to overwrite original configuration files directly, set LSF_LIVE_CONFDIR to LSF_CONFDIR.

For more information about the bconf command syntax and a complete list of configuration changes that are supported by live reconfiguration, see the bconf man page or bconf in the LSF Command Reference.