Login issues after November 7 2021? Change your password

As of November 8 2021  passwords that have not been changed after July 15 2021 will not be accepted to access the GBar and DCC HPC resources (and to the gitlab.gbar.dtu.dk).
To gain access again, you need to change your DTU password at password.dtu.dk, and then wait up to an hour so that the change is propagated to all the DTU subsystems. (We are fetching new passwords from DTU-Basen at the beginning of each hour.)

The reason behind the change

Password are exchanged across the different systems at DTU in encrypted form. Not all encryption methods provide the same security level, and the time has come to change the default (Unix-)password-scheme from MD5 to SHA512. For this reason, the password has to be regenerated and encrypted according to the new scheme.

This change already took place on September 13 2021, but we decided to extend the deadline until November 7 2021 23:59 hoping to minimize the inconvenience.

You can check the announcement on Inside, if you missed it, here:
English version
Danish version