HPC Mailing Lists

Two HPC mailing lists exist. A moderated list providing information from sys admins and an unmoderated list for users to exchange HPC experience / information.

  • Moderated list from sys admins – To stay up to date with all announcements and information regarding the HPC infrastructure, please subscribe to the HPC mailing list, by sending an email to the following email address: hpc-subscribe@lists.cc.dtu.dk
  • Unmoderated HPC user info list –  For our HPC users to exchange information, knowledge, suggestions and opinions regarding the HPC infrastructure in an open environment. This list is not moderated, and it does not represent any views or facts regarding the HPC infrastructure at DTU Computing Center.
    HPC support is following the activity on the list, as far as possible, but this list is not a place to get support.  Support requests should still be sent to support@hpc.dtu.dk.
    To add yourself to the mailing list, please send an email to hpcusers-subscribe@lists.cc.dtu.dk, then follow the instructions contained within the reply email.
  • DTU Photonics – internal mailing list for DTU Photonics users (direct link)
  • DTU Nanotech – internal mailing list for DTU Nanotech users (direct link)