DCC software — R

This document describes the usage of R modules using the modules as described here.

The R modules are hidden in the sense that one has to first load the corresponding R version before one sees all R modules build for that version. This means that one would never mix two modules build for different R versions.

If you have not loaded any R module one only finds the basic R versions installed:

$> module avail R
 --- /dtu/sw/dcc/SL73/2019-jun/XeonE5-2660v2/modules/gnu/9.1.0 ---

Once you have loaded one of the versions more modules are made available in a new section (list is incomplete, check your-self):

$> module load R/3.6.0
$> module avail
--- /dtu/sw/dcc/SL73/2019-jun/XeonE5-2660v2/modules/gnu/9.1.0-R/3.6.0 ---
bench/1.0.2    MASS/7.3-51.4  RcppEigen/  tidyr/0.8.3       
dplyr/  Matrix/1.2-17  readr/1.3.1          tidyselect/0.2.5  
forcats/0.4.0  plyr/1.8.4     stringr/1.4.0        
ggplot2/3.1.1  purrr/0.3.2    tibble/2.1.1   

If you need additional modules, you can install them locally using R’s package installer.

Note that some R modules are prefixed R., this is because many R packages are named like their standard library variant and thus there would be name-clashes for module loading.