SSH and ThinLinc login using ssh-keys

To increase the security of the DTU infrastructure, the whole DTU network setup is changing, and this affects also the way users can access G-bar and the DCC HPC clusters from outside the DTU network.

Nothing changes, if you are accessing G-bar or the HPC cluster either on Campus, or via the DTU VPN. The instructions below are only relevant, if you need to access those resources from outside the DTU network, and the VPN is not a viable option, or it affects the performance critically (e.g. increased latency, incompatibility with a pre-existent pipeline, significant data transfer, etc).


If you only work on Campus or via the DTU VPN

Nothing changes for you. Just make sure that your VPN setup is up to date, and the Multi Factor Authentication is working.
You can safely skip the rest of the page.


If you work remotely, and always using the VPN is not a convenient option

SSH access will from now on require the use of ssh-keys + ssh-key passphrase + DTU password.
Instructions on how to setup your machine(s), and how to configure SSH for your G-bar/HPC account follow below.

Note: the guide below requires that you – during the setup process – are either connected to a DTU network on Campus, or via VPN (see DTU Inside for the VPN setup). Remember that the CISCO VPN requires the Multi Factor Authentication.

Detailed instructions