Accessing the Clusters

1. What should I do to be allowed to use the HPC cluster?

If you are a student or an employee at DTU, you are already allowed to use the HPC. Use your DTU credentials (username and password). Remember that the system is case sensitive, uppercase and lowercase letters are different.


2. I’m a visitor at DTU, can I have access to the HPC cluster?

Yes, you can if someone makes a guest account for you. Log-in to and select the service UNIX Databar.

3. Do I need some special program to access the HPC cluster?

It depends of the operating system you use on your private computer, and the way you need to use the HPC system. You need an SSH client to be able to connect to the system. If you want to use programs with a Graphical User Interface, you can install the ThinLinc software (available for Windows, Linux and Mac). Instructions are available here.