System update July 2019

On this page you can find information related to the system update from mid-July 2019. This document describes the major changes, lists known issues, and provides hints how to migrate from the old system.

CHANGES for ThinLinc/G-bar users:

  • OS: updated from Scientific Linux 6.x to 7.x
  • ThinLinc: we support the XFCE Window Manager, only! The other WMs, i.e. LXDE and E17, are not longer installed.
  • Batch system: we now use LSF 10 as a batch system. MOAB/Torque is deprecated.
  • Software versions: with the new OS, there are new versions of most packages that are loaded with the ‘modules’ command. Check for the new versions with the ‘module avail PACKAGE’ command, where PACKAGE is the name of the software package you want to use.
    • Example: you have used “scipy/scipy-0.19.0-python-2.7.13” in the old setup. The closest match in the new setup (from “module avail scipy”) would be “scipy/0.19.0-python-2.7.13”.
  • MATLAB Parallel Server (aka MDCS): you will need to configure a new cluster profile, to be able to use MATLAB Parallel Server under the new system. Check this page for more details. This will work for MATLAB R2018a and newer, only! Parallel Server for releases before R2018a are currently not supported – the ‘local’ cluster profile will work for all releases, though!
  • MATLAB: default version is now R2019a.
  • COMSOL: default version is now COMSOL 5.4

Known issues (and possible workarounds):

  • XFCE menu or panel: if you have personalized the application menu, top bar or the panel, before the system update, some icons will not work any longer. You can reset the panel to the system default in the following way: ‘Applications’ -> ‘DTU’ -> ‘Utilities’ -> ‘XFCE4 Panel Reset’.
  • MATLAB AppDesigner: due to a library mismatch, AppDesigner in MATLAB versions R2018a and earlier will not work. Use a newer version of MATLAB (e.g. the default version, R2019a).
  • Web access to ThinLinc: not working, yet. Please use the ThinLinc client. (fixed)
  • Backspace/Delete key does not work in vim. (fixed)
  • Rstudio or R cannot download packages from CRAN: there is protocol problem in some older versions of R (used in Rstudio, too), that make package installs from CRAN fail. As a workaround, set the following in your R session, before installing packages: options(“download.file.method”=”wget”)