Bernd Dammann

Updating the MATLAB license

On this page you can find hints how to update your MATLAB license, which will expire soon. We will update this page with new hints, as soon as we come across new “methods” how to solve this problem. Updating from the MATLAB GUI This is the easiest way (but it […]

Recent Software Updates

On this page you can find information about software packages that have been updated recently (newest on top): Gurobi version 10.0.0 Version 10.0.0 has been installed. Activate with module load gurobi/10.0.0, and check for Python support modules with module av gurobipy/gurobi-10.0.0. (November 14, 2022) COMSOL version 6.1 COMSOL 6.1 has […]

System update July 2019

On this page you can find information related to the system update from mid-July 2019. This document describes the major changes, lists known issues, and provides hints how to migrate from the old system. CHANGES for ThinLinc/G-bar users: OS: updated from Scientific Linux 6.x to 7.x ThinLinc: we support the […]