Mondays with MATLAB are back!

Are you interested in accessing MATLAB at the DTU HPC center? Do you want to improve performance by parallelizing your MATLAB code? Or are you interested in AI, Machine Learning or Deep Learning?

Mondays with MATLAB is a three-part online workshop series intended for users using MATLAB on HPC environments. Featuring in-depth, interactive sessions on Parallel Programming with MATLAB and Machine and Deep Learning workflows with MATLAB, these workshops are aimed to provide you with the knowledge you need to scale up your computing needs by harnessing the power of a HPC center or a cluster near you.

A highlight of this series is the 3rd workshop where you will be taken through the steps required in accessing a HPC environment in a hands-on session. Participating HPC centers are NAISS (Sweden), DTU (Denmark), Sigma2 (Norway) and CSC (Finland) – so users who intend to access these HPC centers will find it most useful.

Please select Denmark during the registration, to access the DTU workshop!

The event is free, so please register at: